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TrainSafe Leash Tag

TrainSafe Leash Tag

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✨Introducing the TrainSafe Leash Tag - a versatile and practical accessory for pet owners who want to effectively communicate their pet's behavior and preferences to others.

The tag easily attaches to your pet's leash using a secure and adjustable Velcro system, allowing you to display the appropriate warning message as needed.


🐾 "FRIENDLY": perfect for sociable pets who enjoy meeting new people and other animals. It serves as a friendly introduction, letting others know that your pet is approachable and welcomes interactions. 

🐾 "DANGER": an essential tool for pets that may have certain behavioral concerns or triggers.  This patch prevents any potential incidents and ensures the safety of both your pet and those around you by providing a clear visual cue indicating that your pet requires extra space and caution. 

🐾 "DO NOT PET": ideal for pets that require focused training, are in the midst of behavior modification programs, or simply prefer not to be approached. It effectively communicates that your pet needs space and should not be petted or interacted with, promoting a calm and controlled environment during walks or outings.

✅Invest in this practical tag today and start enjoying stress-free walks with your furry friend(s)!

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